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Faculty of Arts & Design

The Faculty of Arts & Design boasts five departments, namely Fine & Studio Arts, Interior Design, Design Studies (Fashion Design & Technology and Jewellery Design & Manufacture), Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre Arts (Performer), Theatre Arts (Technical)), and Visual Communication (Commercial Photography, Integrated Communication Design, and Motion Picture Production). Our programme qualification mix is locally relevant and internationally competitive.

All programmes have career-focused progression possibilities – from diploma at entry-level, to advanced diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, master’s and doctoral degrees. The diploma programmes lay solid foundations for you to enter the world of work confidently and competently. The advanced diplomas give you a deeper understanding of a specific area of specialisation in your discipline. 

The postgraduate diplomas prepare you for both the professional world, academia, and master’s and doctoral studies.

Entrepreneurship, Decolonisation, and the Africanisation of education in the creative industries are key and central aims of our programmes. Localised and context-specific knowledge systems are now embedded in every programme in the Faculty of Arts and Design and provide a purposeful focus on African art, design, dance, film, music, photography, theatre, and performance. The TUT programmes also keep abreast with international trends and global influences.

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