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Choreography Class


Our Performing Arts programme is the only one of its kind, it offers an opportunity to specialise in a performing arts discipline or related interdisciplinary areas. The programme aims to train you to be a creative innovator and entrepreneur in the interartistic performing arts sector.


Africanisation provides a basis to the multi-disciplinary collaboration that serves the core of this programme. You will then select one of the discipline streams, either Dance (including a variety of dance styles and techniques); Theatre Arts & Design (including either as a performer or a technician); or Music (including jazz or opera). 


Besides your discipline specialisation you will be empowered with a broad range of creative and artistic skills and abilities in the performing arts, such as African performance studies; creative industries business practice and community engagement; stage and studio technology; theatre marking; analysis and criticism; workplace productions; research skills, conceptual and critical thinking. These skills will equip you to contribute meaningfully to economic transformation through your creative entrepreneurial endeavours. The programme has practical, intellectual, and ​experience applications; and develops your possibilities for employment and independent work in the performing arts and inter-related fields.


All the skills you develop in this programme contribute to a career in performing arts that will meet your expectations and the expectations of the creative industry and society at large. When you graduate, you will apply your skills as a practitioner and an employer of diverse performing arts and artefacts, and as a professional practitioner, you will contribute to South Africa’s economy.

The Departmental Administrators

Nobuntu Nwabisa Nohesi

Cathy Steynfaardt

Busi Mashaba

+27 12 382 6130/6154/6030/6018


  • Information for First-Year Enrolment
    First-Year Enrolment: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Diploma
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Advanced Diploma
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Postgraduate Diploma
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Master’s Degree
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Doctoral Degree
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
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