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The Departmental Administrator

Nomvula Khumalo

+27 12 382 6163


The Interior Design programme is a unique three-year programme offered only at TUT that will develop you to apply design principles to the professional planning, designing, equipping and furnishing of residential, retail and commercial interior spaces. An interior design programme places more of an emphasis on planning, functional design and effective use of space than interior decorating. An interior designer undertakes projects that include arranging the basic layout of spaces within a building and projects that require an understanding of technical issues such as building services, acoustics, and lighting. A solid foundation for professional practice in interior design is built on historical and technical theory.


You will gain knowledge about computer-aided design, graphic techniques, principles of interior lighting, acoustics, systems integration and colour coordination, the history of interior design and period style. The course content includes training in furniture design, technical working drawings and drafting, structural design, model building, building codes and inspection regulations, and how to apply the regulations to commercial and residential design.


When you complete the programme, you will be confident in corporate image building, be it exhibition design, retail design, shopfitting, or the entertainment and leisure industries. You will be able to apply specialised principles creatively and have procedural and regulatory knowledge that will enable you to manage and implement practical solutions to solve interior design problems innovatively within an African context. And as a young entrepreneur, you will be able to set up your lucrative business that answers the specialised requirements of the modern workplace.

  • Information for First-Year Enrolment
    First-Year Enrolment: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Diploma
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Advanced Diploma
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Postgraduate Diploma
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Master’s Degree
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
  • Doctoral Degree
    Academic Year: 2024 Arts Campus VIEW PROSPECTUS
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