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The Department of Visual Communication is home to Commercial Photography, Integrated Communication Design and Motion Picture Production. To enhance the learned skills, the equipment ready programme further enables the student to become industry ready by providing the student with a range of their own equipment over the course of the programme. 

The South African and global design context has dramatically shifted in the past 20 years. Communication Design is changing from being viewed solely as an aesthetic styling and is now directly associated with the social sciences, business sciences and the field of information and communication technologies. 

To interest you and provide maximum impact, TUT determines the context of the content of the programme annually. The modules we serve are Integrated Communication Design, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Information Design, African Design, and Communication Design Practice that will provide you with knowledge and skills to solve interesting and complex communication-design problems across a variety of media.

Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens

Integrated Communication Design

The Integrated Communication Design programme is the only qualification in South Africa that bridges the historical divide between graphic design and multimedia studies. Graphic design focuses on traditional design and print, and multimedia focuses on web design, 3D modelling, animation and motion design. In TUT’s integrated design approach, these are all part of one process, especially at the concept development stage. This integrated approach is a key differentiator of this diploma. 

Photographing Art

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography will help you establish a solid knowledge and skills base that will support your further growth and the advances in contemporary photography, business enterprises, and the theory of photography and visual communication. The programme has state-of-the-art facilities and will provide you, the enthusiastic student, with opportunities to engage with a variety of equipment relevant in the industry.

Post Production Video Editing

Motion Picture Production

Our Motion Picture Production programme is the oldest film programme in South Africa and has provided the South African film and television industry for the last 49 years with world-class artists, technicians and entrepreneurs who are well-founded in practice and applicable theory. The purpose of the programme is to provide entry-level training in all the core aspects of film production.

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