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Fashion with a heart

by Gerrit Bester

Sustainability is critical in the fashion industry because it is one of the world's top polluters, with severe environmental and social consequences. Asithandile Zixesha (31), a Fashion Design student pursuing his Master’s degree at the Department of Design Studies, Faculty of Arts and Design, is acutely aware of this reality and will showcase his collection of apparel that blends fashion with a conscience at the TUT Arts Festival from 26 to 28 September.

Birth Maark, Asithandile’s fashion label, can best be described as the perfect harmony between style (high-end and Afrocentric) and sustainability. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and created using eco-friendly materials, reducing its carbon footprint and preserving precious resources.

"From organic silk to recycled blended silks and satins, you can be fashionable while treading lightly on the earth," says Asithandile.

"By choosing Birth Maark's sustainable fashion, you're not just dressing up, you're making a statement. Showcasing your commitment to a greener world has never looked this good! Be the trendsetter who sparks conversations about sustainable choices and the importance of ethical fashion," he adds.

Asithandile is also making a positive impact on the lives of less-fortunate kids in rural areas of Pretoria.

“Birth Maark’s commitment goes beyond just creating sustainable clothing. The label believes in making a tangible impact on the lives of those in need. All the income generated from this campaign is dedicated to a charity initiative benefiting disadvantaged kids in rural areas. By purchasing from Birth Maark, you're not only enhancing your wardrobe but also contributing to a brighter future for these children," says Asithandile.

Come and experience the Birth Maark Sustainable Fashion Collection first hand at the TUT Arts Festival. It will feature a stunning display of eco-chic designs and provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about its charity initiative.

Birth Maark’s contacts:

WhatsApp: 078 374 7232

Instagram: For more information about the TUT Arts Festival, click on

Tickets are available from Webtickets: TUT Arts Festival (

Asithandile Zixesha (31), a Fashion Design student pursuing his Master’s degree at the Department of Design Studies.


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