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[in]crusted is a story about life, love and the perils of growing up as a young black girl in SA

[in]crusted is an original extraordinary theatre production devised and directed by Prof Janine Lewis in collaboration with the cast. Created at the TUT Department of Performing Arts (DPA) as a Simulated Work-integrated Learning (WIL) production, students have been closely involved in the process – from set design to character development. This multi-disciplinary DPA show will premiere at the Breytenbach Theatre from 21 - 25 May 2024.

It features students from Dance, Music and TAD Performance, alongside TAD Tech students specialising in all scenography elements for the stage – costume, lighting, properties, design and management.

[in]crusted is also aligned as a project within the GBV/F Research Niche area hosted by the TUT Faculty of Arts & Design.

The poster is courtesy of internationally renowned South African artist, Nelson Makamo. This is one of Makamo’s prized artworks still within his personal collection. He has graciously extended his permission for it to be utilised by the TUT Department of Performing Arts for the purpose of marketing and advertising of [in]crusted, for the duration of the production run. The visual perspective of this striking work lends itself innately to the context of the production.

[in]crusted revolves around the main character, Amahle, a puppet, who tells her story about life, love and the perils of growing up as a young black girl in SA. It is a story about detoxifying negative social norms by breaking intergenerational patterns of trauma. These patterns are inadvertently taught or intertwined throughout someone’s life from an early age onward, and may often manifest as anxiety, depression and PTSD. The characters identify and face up to the negative patterns that have been ‘crusted’ over and perpetuated by society when casting a blind eye, distrusting, or being submissive to harmful norms. Such harmful negative social norms may include abuse, GBV, suicide and self-harming.

Amahle’s story lives through her parents’ journey which is presented as a quintessential battle of the sexes. The production advocates for identifying and mending generational patterns that allow for disruption, where healing, self-discovery and acceptance can be achieved.

This production will include exchanges between Amahle’s parents and the matrilineal ancestors whose perceptions of the world live on in Amahle. The production presents the opinion that a young black girl can find means to stand up for herself, take ownership of who she is destined to be and revel in her power as a strong woman.

Performance dates are 21 to 25 May 2024 at 19:00 every evening and a matinee on Saturday, 25 May at 15:00 (total of 6 performances). This is a public production, open to the public and students of TUT alike. There is no age limit imposed, however due to strong language, parental guidance is advised.

Tickets are R50 per person. The theatre will take bookings and sell tickets at the door; block bookings are also available at: or +27 12 382-2630.Don’t miss out on this live-theatre immersive experience at the Breytenbach Theatre, 137 Gerhard Moerdyk Street, Sunnyside Pretoria.


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