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High five for TUT Arts Festival

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

In anticipation of the fifth TUT Arts Festival, the Faculty of Arts and Design is a hive of activity, and the milestone is deserving of a high five. The Festival’s theme this year is ARTIVISM, a portmanteau of the words “arts” and “activism”, and it will take place on the Arts Campus from 26 – 28 September.

Art is a powerful currency to address societal challenges, and, therefore, this year’s theme is based on creativity cultivating responsible citizenship and social awareness, particularly when faced with innumerable challenges.

The TUT Arts Festival forms part of the Faculty of Arts and Design’s dynamic, cutting-edge teaching and learning curricula and creates an ideal platform for students to put their knowledge into practice through this experiential learning opportunity, shaping future-ready graduates.

By combining resources and taking hands with industry stakeholders, the Faculty celebrates and showcases the remarkable talent of its students, staff, alumni and community. Patrons will get a glimpse of how the Faculty makes knowledge work and the difference that community engagement can make.

The Festival will encompass all facets of the arts, from the design and fine art disciplines to all the performing arts. Exhibitions, demonstrations, performances, master classes and open classes will form part of the exciting line-up.

This year, the Faculty will be collaborating with the Sport and Recreation Management section within the Department of Marketing, Supply Chain and Sport Management, Faculty of Management Sciences, to "activate" ARTIVISM through an exciting sport and recreation journey.

This is the ideal opportunity for prospective students interested in the creative industries to come and experience what is on offer and get first-hand information to assist them with their future career choices.

Come and support new, up-and-coming young creatives, invest in original artwork, scout new talent, or just take a break and come to enjoy, network and get inspired.

Visit; for updates, or email for more information or to make your school bookings.


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